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Rough Maps Is Where Real Adventure Lives.

Rough Maps' mission is to inspire our readers to take the road less traveled. The world is too interesting to stick with only the places you already know. With our planet in a constant state of change, it can be a challenge to know where to go and what to do. Through all seven continents, Rough Maps is here to help guide you through the different natural wonders and unique cultures of the different countries across the globe. Whether you choose to stay off the beaten track or on it, Rough Maps is ready to inspire you to pack your bag and head on your next dream trip. We look forward to exploring our favorite destinations together. Happy Travels!

Meet Our Team

Maria Cruz: Senior Editor

Since the dawn of time, Maria has subjected people to her writing. From silly stories about baseball in her youth to silly stories about cowboys in adulthood, people have been unsafe for years. She brought that love of writing to UTM (U of T’s homely sister in Mississauga) where she spent five years on the campus newspaper, eventually becoming editor-in-chief. Her work has also been published in UTM’s annual journal and one of her short stories placed second in Scribbler’s Dialogue Contest. She believes she’s funnier than she is and would have made her entire blurb Smash Mouth’s lyrics to “All Star,” if only her boss had let her.

Cathy Liu: Senior Editor

Cathy has been a content writer at Rough Maps since 2023. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of British Columbia and has always dreamed of becoming a writer. Her love for reading fueled her passion for writing, and she enjoys writing about topics like pop culture, film, travel, and personal experiences. Her dream trip would be to go to South Korea and her favourite cuisine is South Korean. Cathy's worst travel experience was when, on a trip to Okanagan, BC, her Airbnb was located at the top of a mountain, and a car heading up the same road drove off a cliff and fell into the lake causing the road to be blocked off for over 6 hours (poor driver). 

Robbie Woods: Director of Creative and Media

Robbie has been with Rough Maps since 2019, first as a content writer and latterly as Director of Creative and Media. His essays and reports have been published in Maclean’s, Salon, The West End Phoenix and elsewhere. Robbie is a recipient of the Eugene Levy Writing Award, a three-time winner of the York University President’s Prize, and was the Humber Yuk Yuks Standup Champ in 2016. If he could travel anywhere, he’d visit and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. His worst travel experience was getting lost in Dublin late at night after attempting to outdrink a group of Irish comedians.

David Stal, Landon Wexler and Steven Hochman: Founders and Travel Enthusiasts

From South Korea to Australia, these guys have seen it all. After years of backpacking the world, David, Steven and Landon decided it was time to settle down, but with that came a big decision, how do they keep the travel spirit alive? Merging their passion for publishing and travel with a desire to share their accumulated experiences and knowledge is how Rough Maps was born. After 7 years of hard work , the dream continues and so do the travels! We thank all our readers for their continued support! 

Contact Us

We are always looking to add new members to our wonderful team and hear feedback from our readers. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]