Illegal Actions: 20 of the World’s Weirdest Laws

Illegal Actions: 20 of the World’s Weirdest Laws

We’re all aware that laws are put in place to help maintain a semblance of order in our day-to-day lives, ensuring that society is able to run along smoothly. However, occasionally we may stumble across some truly peculiar regulations that leave us scratching our heads in confusion. From the hilarious to the downright wacky, we’ve curated a list of 20 of the weirdest laws from across the globe. Prepare to be amazed - some of these will definitely shock you.

1. No Gum Chewing in Singapore

Singapore’s world-renowned cleanliness is no happy accident. It’s enforced by a law that bans chewing gum, with offenders dealt a fine of up to $500. Only medicinal gum is permitted, but you’ll definitely need a prescription to back it up! So if you plan on traveling to Singapore anytime soon, skip the gum.

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2. Silent Karaoke in Honolulu

Honolulu’s weird law is definitely going to hit a sour note for all the budding Mariah Careys out there. Here, singing loudly after sunset is strictly against the law. This regulation was initially created to prevent rowdy sailors from causing a ruckus.

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3. Scary Masks Outlawed in Denmark

Pranksters take note - do you like scaring your friends with creepy masks? Well, you’d better stay clear of Denmark then. There’s a Danish law that bans all masks that completely hide the face unless they’re for a recognized festival.

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4. Chicken Crossing in Quitman, Georgia, USA

Are you prepared for a really quirky law? In Quitman, Georgia, it’s illegal for chickens to cross the road. That’s right, unless you want to get hit with a fine, you better make sure your chickens are all in order - apparently, not all birds have equal rights!

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5. No Living on a Boat in Georgia, USA (For Too Long)

Seems like Georgia’s made it onto this list back-to-back! Turns out, residents of Georgia can’t live on a boat for more than 30 days. So if you ever had a dream of becoming a pirate, you might want to stay away from Georgia. What could have possibly happened for this law to come into play, we have no idea.

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6. Italian Pet Walk Requirement

In Turin, Italy, pet owners are required by law to walk their dogs at least three times a day. We can’t really complain about this one - this law just gave a new meaning to the phrase “man’s best friend.” Besides, going for a walk with your furry friend is hardly something to complain about.

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7. Switzerland’s Toilet Law

Residents of Switzerland might want to double-check their clocks before flushing the toilet. After 10 pm, it’s considered noise pollution! While it’s not illegal to flush the toilet at this time per se, Switzerland is strict on noise pollution, so just be wary.

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8. Salmon Handling in the UK

In the UK, it’s illegal to handle a salmon in a suspicious manner. What’s exactly classified as “suspicious handling” you may ask? We’re not entirely sure, but when in doubt, we suppose you just have to treat your fish with some respect!

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9. Reincarnation Regulations in China

Do you believe in being reborn? If you do, you might want to stay away from China. In this country, it’s technically illegal to reincarnate without government permission. What this means, who knows? Just don't even try to do it!

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10. Whale Hunting in Nebraska, USA

Now this is one we can definitely get behind! In Nebraska, it’s illegal to go whale hunting under any circumstance. Considering how reckless we can be with our hunting, we’re happy to keep this law going. This is definitely one of the more practical laws on this list.

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11. Kissing Ban on French Trains

In France, you better save your passionate goodbyes and displays of affection for the platform. Despite what you may think about the French people, kissing is forbidden once you’re on the train. No PDA allowed here!

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12. No Heels in Greece’s Ancient Sites

The Greek government prohibits anyone from wearing high heels at ancient sites. It’s not just about maintaining the elegance of the place, but it’s also about protecting the monuments from damage. It’s important we preserve these stunning pieces of history. You'll definitely be much more comfortable roaming these incredible sites in comfy shoes anyway.

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13. Quiet Sundays in Germany

Germany takes Sunday rest seriously - it’s against the law to drill, do DIY projects, or partake in any loud activities on this beloved day. Everyone can always use the day before Monday to relax and unwind, so we sure can see the benefits of this one!


14. Drunken Horse Riding in Colorado, USA

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful horse? If so, always remember it’s illegal to ride a horse while under the influence in Colorado. A horse should probably never be your first choice for transportation anyway. Just know you might want to think twice before saddling up after a few beers.

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15. Polish Winnie the Pooh Ban

If you love this lovable, honey-obsessed bear, we’ve got some bad news for you. In Poland, Winnie the Pooh is banned from playgrounds due to his lack of proper attire. Somehow, this childhood favourite character isn’t “kid-friendly” enough.

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16. Forbidden Dying in Falciano del Massico, Italy

Okay, we’ve officially found the weirdest law on this list. In this Italian town, it’s technically illegal to die as the local cemetery is full. It’s not exactly an enforceable law, making this one a head-scratcher. We suppose...just try not to die if you live here? Not that you can really help it.

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17. Alien Hunting License in Nevada, USA

In Nevada, you need to get a license before you can officially go around hunting for extraterrestrials. Sure, the truth might be out there, but make sure you’re legally covered before you go around searching for it!

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18. Ban on Running Out of Gas in Germany

On Germany’s Autobahn, a controlled access highway system, running out of gas is actually illegal. Seen as a preventable circumstance, the government employed this law in hopes of reducing accidents on the road. With this in mind, you better keep an eye on that fuel gauge if you ever find yourself driving down this highway!

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19. No Feeding Pigeons in Venice, Italy

When in Venice, always remember feeding pigeons is illegal. This law was implemented in hopes of protecting the city’s beautiful architecture from a growing number of bird droppings. Keep all that bread for yourself instead!

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20. No Spitting in Barcelona, Spain

Now this one’s just common courtesy, no? In Barcelona, it’s illegal to be caught spitting in public - if you do get caught, be prepared to face a hefty fine. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city, just remember to keep it in your mouth.

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Every law around the world has its reasons and context, even if they may seem extraordinarily baffling. The next time you travel, you might want to double-check the local rules so you don’t find yourself in a bit of a pickle!