The 20 Best Tourist Must-Sees To Visit Across America

The 20 Best Tourist Must-Sees To Visit Across America

There are so many amazing place across America. You'll find everything from beautiful natural parks to busy city streets. There is something for everyone. That's why we have narrowed it down and compiled a list of 20 must-see destinations to help you discover all the awesome things our beautiful country has to offer.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a one of a kind destination. Located in Arizona, the natural canyon was carved out through millions of years of tectonic plate shifting. You’ll be in awe of the mile-deep, 13-mile-wide, and about 277-mile long canyon.

Drif-Riadh-Ypkurn54Y4W-UnsplashPhoto by Drif Riadh on Unsplash

2. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Most well known for its geysers, you’ll find Yellowstone is home to some incredible wildlife and views. It was the world's first national park, and has been a top tourist destination for centuries since.

Austin-Farrington-Gp2Qljkovvc-UnsplashPhoto by Austin Farrington on Unsplash 

3. Statue of Liberty, New York

A gift from France as a symbol of freedom, you’ll find the Statue of Liberty located in New York’s Harbor. The statue has become an important part of American history and is recognized around the world. You’ll also find the ferry ride to see it will reward you with exceptional views of Manhattan's impressive skyline.

Pierre-Blache-Vmng8Byfqfs-UnsplashPhoto by Pierre Blaché on Unsplash

4. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering marvel and one of the most photographed bridges in the world. Overlooking the beautiful city of San Francisco, you can simply walk or bike across the bridge or appreciate its magnificence from many spots around the city.

Eric-Ward-Ci45Qamjzpy-UnsplashPhoto by Eric Ward on Unsplash


5. Disney World, Florida

Your visit to the U.S. wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the largest theme park in the world. Famous for their multiple themed parks revolving around Disney owned characters, Walt Disney’s dream was to bring magic, fun, and fascinating experiences to all ages.

Guillermo-Gr-Mvabciq4Lby-UnsplashPhoto by Guillermo GR on Unsplash

6. Times Square, New York

Times Square in New York, is unlike any city street in the world. It’s often called "The Crossroads of the World," as you’ll find it offers a sensory overload of lights, sounds, shops, and people from all walks of life.

Anthony-Rosset-5R5554U-Mho-UnsplashPhoto by Anthony Rosset on Unsplash

7. The National Mall, Washington, D.C.

If you’re a fan of history, you need to visit the home of iconic monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and U.S. Capitol. The National Mall is the most most-visited national park in America, a testament to the country's history and heritage.

Caleb-Fisher-Cqiqb C7Io4-UnsplashPhoto by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

8. Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Best known for their Mardi Gras celebrations, you’ll find Bourbon Street in New Orleans is packed with a ton of vibrant jazz music, nightlife, Southern cuisine, and unique culture. It’s the perfect destination if you like to have fun and party, with a bit of style.

Kristina-Volgenau-Rv7Oi-Xbocq-UnsplashPhoto by Kristina Volgenau on Unsplash

9. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

If you like partying, entertainment, and gambling, the Las Vegas Strip is for you. It is the perfect place to for a trip with friends. You should check out the Sphere theatre or Bellagio's Dancing Fountains, these sites cant be missed.

David-Vives-Ndbkbi1Xwgw-UnsplashPhoto by David Vives on Unsplash

10. The Alamo, Texas

The Alamo is the battle site where Texas found its independence, making it an essential destination if you want a better understanding American history. You’ll also find places nearby like River Walk are quite delightful to explore, and lined with eateries and shops.

Gabriel-Tovar-A4Qsffqtv78-UnsplashPhoto by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash


11. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

You have got to check out Mount Rushmore’s four U.S. presidents carved out of the side of the mountain. It is unlike anything else, serving as a monument to our founding fathers and a salute to democracy.

Dennis-Guten-Kbdwyljpeko-UnsplashPhoto by Dennis Guten on Unsplash

12. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain National Park is home to over 300 miles of hiking paths, wildlife, and scenic views. If you’re a fan of the wilderness the breathtaking mountains and natural beauty make it the perfect camping destination.

Lauren-Lopes-Vo2Eqvljtma-UnsplashPhoto by Lauren Lopes on Unsplash 

13. Pearl Harbor Memorial, Hawaii

The Pearl Harbor National Memorial in Hawaii marks the resting place of the USS Arizona. It was famously sunk during World War II, and is what forced the United States to declare war. You’ll find the site provides a sobering insight into an event that shaped both the country and entire world’s history.

Ryan-Parker-Jtpjhz1Tgmc-UnsplashPhoto by Ryan Parker on Unsplash

14. Gateway Arch, Missouri

Come see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, America's tallest monument. Towering over the city, you can take a ride to the top for spectacular views stretching up to 30 miles on a clear day.

Chris-Hardy-Wtz1W64Iayc-UnsplashPhoto by Chris Hardy on Unsplash

15. The Freedom Trail, Massachusetts

Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston, for a close look at the rich history of the American Revolution. It is a 2.5-mile-long Trail that takes you to through 16 historically significant sites, such as the Massachusetts State House and the Paul Revere House.

Usa-The Freedom TrailPhoto by Ingfbruno on Wikimedia Commons

16. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles

On Hollywood boulevard you’ll find the Walk of Fame, a stretch of sidewalk commemorating over 2,600 famous people for their achievements in the film industry. It’s a cool stroll down memory lane, seeing your pop culture hero’s be congratulated all in one place.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Hollywood, CaliforniaPhoto by Ken Lund on Wikimedia Commons


17. Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls are 3 massively powerful waterfalls right next to each other. You’ll find it’s an incredible spectacle of nature's power and beauty. Take a boat ride, visit the observatories, or simply walk the nearby hiking trails, it’s an incredible site to see.

Edward-Koorey-Gcc3C6Mfsm0-UnsplashPhoto by Edward Koorey on Unsplash 

18. The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Another group of amazing museums, The Smithsonian Institution will give you a close up view of various aspects of U.S. history, culture, and science. Come check out the National Air and Space or the Natural History Museum’s, for a one of a kind view into our worlds past and future.

J-Amill-Santiago-Zciicgjscvu-UnsplashPhoto by J. Amill Santiago on Unsplash

19. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park is another spectacular natural environment known for its massive sequoia trees that average over 250-300 feet high. You’ll also find many beautiful waterfalls, meadows, and wildlife, to keep you in awe.

Spencer-Demera-Fwsz Pgnwhe-UnsplashPhoto by Spencer DeMera on Unsplash 

20. Key West, Florida

Key West is the most southern point in the contiguous United States. It’s famous for its vibrant atmosphere, colorful homes and architecture, and white sandy beaches. You definitely don’t wanna miss out on the stunning sunsets at Mallory Square.

Domenick-Dibenedetto-Reis- N1R8Sc4Mag-UnsplashPhoto by Domenick Dibenedetto on Unsplash