Self-Care Tips For 2021 & Beyond

Self-Care Tips For 2021 & Beyond

Hey you–yes, you! Are you properly attending to your physical and mental health? How about your emotions and spirit? This last year and a half have been a load of hogwash and, you'll need to dedicate time to creating a beneficial routine to get you through the thick of it. Hang in there, people and use these self-care tips for 2021 and beyond.

jared-rice-NTyBbu66_SI-unsplash-258x300.jpgJared Rice

Attend To Your Mental

Nearly everything in this life is set up to diminish your well-being and health from foods that are made easily accessible to the mere design of capitalism and every other -ism. It's not enough to acknowledge these problems exist but to take time to detox your life.

Get off social media for some time to off-load all the mental stimulation, messaging and conditioning. Find ways to manage your anxiety by possibly speaking to a therapist or helpline, talking to loved ones and finding relaxing, calming activities to add to your hobby list. Be intentional about making time for you and you alone. 

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Discover You Values And Stick With Them

We've all had extra time with ourselves to think about what matters to us and, with that, your life goals and ambitions must align with these new found values. It's not enough to know what your moral compass is but to actively seek out fulfilling opportunities and relationships that put you at ease.

You may not be at a point where you can switch employers, bank institutions or schools if they do not align with you values but making a mental note for change in the future is a step in the right direction.

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Nurture, Nurture, Nurture

Nurture your mind, body and soul. You may not have a meditation garden in your backyard but, you can turn whatever space you have into a sanctuary. Rearrange your furniture, buy some sweet-scented candles, invest in comfy loungewear and read books and podcasts that speak to your soul. Moving forward, do whatever you need to do to show up as the best version of yourself in this life and do so with joy.

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