10 Reasons To Switch From Cruise To Resort & Vice Versa

10 Reasons To Switch From Cruise To Resort & Vice Versa

Resorts and Cruises are quite different vacations. Both are great trips in there own ways but in reality many people strongly prefer one over the other. Cruises allow you to see multiple beautiful places, while resorts are more spacious and private. Each trip has its advantages. That why we have compiled a list of 10 reasons cruises are better than resorts and vice versa.

1. Multiple Destinations

Cruises benefit from the ability to travel to multiple locations. You get to see many places, without the hassle of moving your belongings or changing accommodations. All while enjoying the cruise itself in between ports.

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2. All-Inclusive Pricing

Most Cruises offer all-inclusive pricing that covers not only your room but also food and entertainment. They also have alcohol and excursions packages, allowing you to focus on your vacation fun without worrying about costs.

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3. Variety of Activities

Cruises have a wide range of activities and shows for all types of people. Everything from swimming, basketball, and mini putt, to trivia, theater performances and game shows. Everyone will find something they enjoy, regardless of preferences or age.

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4. Social Atmosphere

Cruises are a mostly open and shared experience. They provide a unique opportunity to meet fellow vacationers from around the world in an equal setting. Many activities and shared experiences aboard cruises have resulted in lifelong friendships.

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5. Explorative Experiences

Cruises can bring you closer to nature. You get to be on the opens seas, see all the amazing marine life, and visit these beautiful remote locations. It’s an extraordinary experience.

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6. Ideal for All Age Groups

Cruises have something for you, no matter how young or old you may be. There are kids’ clubs for children, bars and theaters for adults, and comfortable, lounges for seniors. Everyone will find enjoyment on a cruise.


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7. Less Planning

There is no need to worry about planning on a cruise. Everything from meal timing, entertainment, and excursions have been scheduled well in advance. You can find everything the ship has to offer and when they are available, even before you’ve stepped on the boat.

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8.Views and Scenery

Cruises offer unique, captivating views. From breathtaking sunsets and sunrises to the thrill of spotting some dolphins. The scenery cannot be matched.

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9. Personalized Service

Cruise typically offer a high level of service. Things like having the same dedicated staff for your room and dining throughout the whole trip make the cruise that much more comfortable.

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10. 24/7 Dining

Cruises have a huge variety of dining options. There are always casual buffets, and restaurants options open 24/7. As well as many specialty restaurants that offer more personalized experiences for an extra cost.

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1. More Freedom and Flexibility

At a resort, you can do what you want, when you want. There are no set schedules for dining and far less for activities. A lot of people like this as it allows you to plan your day at your own pace.

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2. One Destination

Contrary to Cruises, resorts stay in the same place. This is much more ideal for people who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and want to explore that location in depth.


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3. More Privacy

Hotel rooms and suites at resorts are far more spacious and secluded than cruise ship cabins. Some resort rooms even have private pools or hot tubs.

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4. Convenient Schedule

At a resort, you can personalize your schedule so you can do everything you want at your own convenience. Cruises can often feel rushed due to you only having a day to explore around each port.

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5. Diverse Dining Options

Resorts often have multiple restaurants, cafes, and bars on-site for your enjoyment. At the same time you have the option to explore the local dining spots in the area.

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6. Wider Array Of Activities

Resorts simply have more space and therefore have more facilities to offer. Resorts have larger gyms, spas, more tennis courts, golf courses, etc. If you enjoy these activities, resorts are the much more ideal option.

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7. Unique Locations

Resorts are often built in the style of the natural and cultural surroundings. Everything from beachfront locations to nature resorts in the jungle, each resort provides a one of kind experience.

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8. More Authentic Shopping Experiences

Resorts offer many more opportunities to explore local markets and boutiques in the area. Cruise ports are often taken over by locals selling over priced junk to unsuspecting vacationers.

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9. Avoid Seasickness

Anyone who is susceptible to motion sickness should be staying at resort, safely on land. On cruises you have to worry about uneasy sea currents that can ruin your trip.


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10. Better Internet

Resorts have better internet and it's usually free. While cruises in the middle of the ocean, have far worse internet and quite costly. If you’re planning on getting some work done, resorts are a smarter option.

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