Camping Or Glam-ping? Here Are The Best Outdoorsy Ideas

Camping Or Glam-ping? Here Are The Best Outdoorsy Ideas

It seems summer just began but, in reality, it's also quickly coming to an end, as August is approaching. This leaves you with about a month to still complete some summer activities you've been looking to experience before the brisk winds of fall take over. Here are a few of the best outdoorsy destinations to take, whether you prefer camping or glamping.


 Indiana Dunes National Park, Dunewood Campground 

For most major cities in the midwest, Indiana Dunes National Park is a close destination but even more so for the lucky residents and natives of Chicago. Dunewood Campground is a popular on-site camping spot that allows folks to experience the dunes firsthand, a sight that most only see in the movies. You can camp in a tent or have a lavish stay in an RV of your choice on nearly 67 different campsites in total.

brown grass field near body of water during daytimeAdam Bouse

Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Dune ranches are classified a little more on the glamping side of things. You can still experience the beautiful outdoors, with the added luxuries of comfortable indoor accommodations and organized activities like horseback riding and kayaking. A trip to the Ranch at Rock Creek comes fully loaded with all-inclusive dining, premium drinks and airport transfers all in one packaged deal. Glamp away adventurers.

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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Enjoy your stay in Badlands National Park with an array of exceptional wildlife. You'll see everything from coyotes to bighorn sheep. You are not confined to one campsite in the park but are free to explore other places like Cedar Pass and Sage Creek campgrounds. All grounds are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis and are also widely accommodating to RV travelers.

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