U.S States To Travel To With Lenient Mask Mandates

U.S States To Travel To With Lenient Mask Mandates

Could it be that many of us will get to experience a summer free of masks? Well, the CDC has made changes to the mask guidance and here are the best U.S States to travel to with lenient mask mandates.

And okay, instead of no makes, how about fewer masks because the thought of wearing no masks whatsoever–when this global pandemic is far from over–feels rather sudden.

Although, according to the CDC, fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks at all. With many choosing to take the vaccine and encouraging their loved ones to do the same, it seems everyone has had enough with staying indoors 24/7. Small and large businesses are losing out big time, so not only has capitalism said "time's up," but so has everyone else. Let's hope this goes well.

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5. California

All of Cali will lift their mask mandate as early as June 15th.

sterling-davis-4iXagiKXn3Y-unsplash-300x180.jpgSterling Davis

4.  Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, masks will no longer be a requirement in state buildings starting June 1st.

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3. Vermont

Restrictions are likely to come to an end on July 4th.

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2. Ohio

Ohio's mask mandate will be lifted, even for unvaccinated residents, on June 2nd.

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1. Michigan

In Michigan, unvaccinated people can expect to wear no masks on July 1st.

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A few other mask-free states include Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Connecticut, Washington, North Carolina and Maryland.

The CDC advises those travelling to wear masks during their public commutes on buses, trains and airplanes. Stay Safe out there people!