The 10 Most Overrated Beach Destinations and 10 Beaches You Should Visit Instead

The 10 Most Overrated Beach Destinations and 10 Beaches You Should Visit Instead

The 10 Most Overrated Beach Destinations and 10 Beaches You Should Visit Instead

We pulled together information and research from our travel experts to give you a comprehensive list of the best and worst beach destinations on the planet. Don't book your next vacation without reading this. 

sean-oulashin-KMn4VEeEPR8-unsplash.jpgSean Oulashin

1. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - Overrated 

Oversaturated with tourists, Waikiki Beachs' original charm and tranquility has largely faded. With a full beach and murky waters, the experience often doesn't replicate the serene Hawaiian getaway many envision.

sung-shin-mNTqSoJeG6o-unsplash.jpgSung Shin

2. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - Underrated

A much quieter alternative to the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, Lanikais' crystal-clear waters, soft sand, and serene atmosphere offer an ideal spot for relaxation and kayaking.genevieve-perron-migneron-WAZsZAOA4OQ-unsplash-1.jpgGenevieve Perron-Migneron

3. Venice Beach, California - Overrated

The muscle-bound and street performance heavy Venice Beach is more about entertainment than a relaxing beach getaway. An overcrowded and less than clean area, visitors may be sidestepping more than stepping on sand.scott-jones-FCRRDxuEIiU-unsplash.jpgScott Jones


4. El Matador Beach, California - Underrated

With stunning rock formations, open sand and a much more quiet environment, El Matador hits that proper beach getaway vibe with gusto. 

gerson-repreza-s1_HSnfn3U0-unsplash.jpgGerson Repreza

5. Maya Bay, Thailand - Overrated

Despite the fame Maya Bay has garnered from "The Beach", it suffers greatly from an influx of tourists and has to often close down for environmental damage.

humphrey-muleba-pZhlZpxP-Mo-unsplash.jpgHumphrey Muleba

6. Koh Lipe, Thailand - Underrated

Pristine beaches, clear waters, laid-back vibes. What more could a beach getaway entail? Far from the crowds, the "Maldives of Thailand" offers a serene and peaceful alternative to the hubbub of Maya Bay 

timo-volz-qQzIlYKxcvE-unsplash.jpgTimo Volz

7. South Beach, Miami, Florida - Overrated

Art deco and South Beach nightlife drastically detract from the that ideal peaceful day at the beach that vacationers were looking for.

mark-s-D3cC-j2-pP4-unsplash.jpgMark S

8. Anna Maria Island, Florida - Underrated

With a small-town exclusivity charm, pristine sands and clear water, Anna Maria offers that almost "secretive" getaway location that beach-goers may crave.

valeriia-neganova-4r5EAHokPvU-unsplash.jpg Valeriia Neganova

9. Bondi Beach, Australia - Overrated

Despite the natural beauty, during the summer the influx of beach-goers can take away from the natural beauty and landmarks.

paula-jorunn-naes-a80osyu1stE-unsplash.jpgPaula-Jorunn Naes


10 Manly Beach, Australia - Underrated

A hop, skip and "surf" away, Manly Beach gives you the space, the views and atmosphere to take that proper getaway in peace

cat-mastro-hDQAHTEQKls-unsplash.jpgCat Mastro

11. Cancun, Mexico - Overrated

Despite the blue waters, Cancun is jam-packed with resorts which bring you away from the true Mexican culture in favour of a more "curated" experience.

Cancun_Beach.jpegKeith Pomakis

12. Tulum, Mexico - Underrated

A rich cultural heritage and chock full of beaches and Mayan ruins, Tulum is that little slice of paradise hidden away with both beauty and history.

anna-sullivan-hnhs--ELEJA-unsplash.jpgAnna Sullivan

13. Bali, Indonesia (Kuta Beach) - Overrated

Litter, hawkers and a party scene that takes away from the cultural and natural beauty of Kuta Beach.

mahmud-ahsan-mDGMc0aFh3M-unsplash.jpgMahmud Ahsan

14. Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia - Underrated

With dramatic cliffs, clear waters and a much more refined atmosphere, Uluwatu offers the peace that Kuta may not have.


15. Ibiza, Spain - Overrated

Beaches in Ibiza are often dwarfed by its nightlife and music scene, making a relaxing getaway attempt a tad overstimulating



16. Formentera, Spain - Underrated 

As if in a world of its own. Pristine beaches, beautiful clear waters and a serene vibe, Formentera, while close to Ibiza, does not feel at all like its counterpart

karol-chomka-J8pMOtvvW50-unsplash.jpgKarol Chomka

17. Phuket, Thailand (Patong Beach) - Overrated

 Another nightlife heavy, urban sprawl, the natural beauty of Patong Beach is often falling short as it is dwarfed by the urban life.

miltiadis-fragkidis-ymH0TsAy2wk-unsplash.jpg Miltiadis Fragkidis

18. Koh Tao, Thailand - Underrated

Koh Tao takes a break from the urban sprawls and plants you in your own slice of paradise with beautiful bays and an island lifestyle.

Koh_tao_1.jpegJakub Michankow

19. Boracay, Philippines - Overrated

Unfortunately, with issues of pollution and influx of beach-goers, Boracay has needed to go through multiple closures for rehabilitation measures.

jan-walter-luigi-MQOmyUYQWRs-unsplash.jpgJan Walter Luigi

20. Siargao, Philippines - Underrated

Laid-back and far flung from the masses of Boracay, the stunning landscapes and crystal clear waters offer a much more pleasant beach getaway.