Fishermen From Around The World Share Their Strange Catches

Fishermen From Around The World Share Their Strange Catches

What if you were fishing one day and managed to reel in an object, weird fish or some other organism that surprised you to the point of almost having a heart attack? Many fishermen have had such experiences and so we've gathered here the advice they have for keeping safe and alert while your rod is cast.

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50. Old School Fishing

Went on a deep-sea charter as a kid and they had us shuck clams for bait all the way to the site to fish for mackerel. I saw this leatherback old man stuff a huge three-prong hook full of clam and was tied to just regular yellow twine you'd strap a canoe to the station wagon with. Massive spool of line just sinking further and further.

Then he just stopped letting it drop and wrapped it around his forearm and started jigging every 5 seconds or so while puffing a massive gross cigar. 15 minutes later I hear this guy yelling in Newfanese to the deckhand kid and they started reefing it up. After an eternity I saw a spiral tail wrapped around the line and get thicker and thicker. When all was done it was a 15-foot eel with a head the size of a microwave. Ugly as sin but very memorable.

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49. Long-Lasting Flavor

One time while fishing in Florida, my sister spit her gum overboard. About an hour later she caught a fish, and it had gum in its mouth. I KID YOU NOT.

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48. Time To Cut Your Losses

We were fishing off the side of an emergency spillway with a 30-foot drop in Texas. We were using deep-sea poles because we regularly catch 50-80lb catfish and have to pull them up the side. I got something REALLY big, fought it with a friend for close to two hours. When we finally get it out of the water and halfway up the side, we realize it's a seven-foot alligator... We just cut the line.

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47. Catch A Kid

I was surfcasting near a spot with surfers, but not at the spot where the waves break to avoid them. This little girl about 10 years old runs right in front of my line and paddles directly out to where I was fishing. I ended up hooking her and she was screaming to raise the dead.

I see this big dude just start running toward me and I was thinking "oh no, this freaking dude is gonna rip me a new one." He gets there and doesn't even look at me and starts yelling at his daughter. "What the [bleep] did I tell you about paddling in front of fishermen?!"

His wife comes over and starts a fit with me and he just immediately shut her up by saying something along the lines of "how the [bleep] is this his fault?! I've warned her not to paddle in front of fisherman, you need to just be quiet."

I was so surprised. He then just looks at me and says, "Sorry dude, in no way your fault. Happy fishing!"

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46. Bones In The Deep

One of my friends was fishing about 200 yards off the coast in Texas. When he pulled up the anchor, he noticed something hanging off of the anchor. On closer inspection, it was a human femur. Now, back in the day, the mafia did have a reputation of making people disappear in those waters, so he initially thought it was from one of those crimes.

After taking the bone to an archaeologist at the local university, it was determined that the coloration and coral growth on the bone meant that it had been in the water for around 500 years. I don't know what was done with the bone after that.

The best I've ever done are the front halves of a fish after a shark had eaten the back half. Mind you, this is while wade fishing so it's a little disconcerting at first.

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45. The Box

I was 9 miles out fishing for Tuna and suddenly a small parachute lands in the water near my boat. With no aircraft overhead and no land or other boats within sight, we retrieved the box that was attached to the parachute. It was an NOAA weather monitoring box and the remnants of a weather balloon. It had a message written on it that said “postage pre-paid please drop into outgoing mail”

Years later I was out hunting with friends and found another, Identical box on a parachute tangled in a tree.

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44. To Catch A Pole

My buddy cast out a line and went to the other side of the pond to grab something from his car. He didn't leave his pole properly anchored. So he's across the pond and he gets a big fish on the line. The fish drags his pole into the water. My buddy is super upset because it was his grandpa's old pole which was gifted to him before his grandpa passed.

We see no sign of the pole floating or getting caught up in anything. We decided the pole was lost forever. So my buddy rigs up a new line and literally 5 minutes after he casts out, he gets a hit. And guess which fish hit his line... so he's reeling in this 8lb catfish and we see 2 lines coming from its mouth and then we notice another fishing pole.

My buddy hooked the same fish twice, the fish pulled his first pole into the water and he ended up catching the fish and his priceless pole he lost literally 5 minutes later with a new pole/line. Quite the catch if you ask me.

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43. Sting Rays Hate Him For Some Reason

My brother and I do a lot of fishing. Him especially. Between us, we have caught the same fish multiple times, birds, turtles, people (unknown random tourists getting too close on an overhead cast), a sea lion, octopus, clams, crabs, and a lobster.

But by far the most memorable was catching the stingray that almost killed my brother. He pulled up a ray that was only about a foot long and was trying to unhook it. It went scorpion tail on him and jabbed its barb directly into an artery in his hand. When it came out, it turned into a medical emergency and the blood began squirting profusely put of his hand.

He had had a few drinks, so he was just kinda in shock and didn't know what to do. Luckily, my buddies get him down the dock and into their car to go to the ER. He goes into shock in the car and blacks out, loses consciousness and wets himself. They get him to the ER, docs stitch him up, give him a bunch of meds and he goes home that evening. He required a few surgeries on his hand and its still a gnarly scar.

Flash forward a couple of years and we are surf fishing in the same spot next to the pier he got stung at. He steps on a stingray and it hits him in his Achilles' tendon. I get him to the beach where he promptly loses consciousness once again due to the stingray toxin. I manage to get him up and talking and carry him on my back about a half-mile to the parking lot. That guy has the worst luck in the world sometimes.

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42. The Six Shooter

This wasn't something that I caught, but my cousin did. It was probably a decade or so ago but it still holds up as the most interesting and strangest catch. We were fishing in a bay in Mystic, CT when he starts reeling in what he thinks to be a fish, he says it feels decently heavy.

So his line comes closer and closer until out of the water comes a barnacle-encrusted .22 Beretta six-shooter. We called the police and they ended up picking up the gun and put it into an evidence bag, we knew the gun had to have been at the bottom for a while and so did they but they said they were going to see if they could find anything out about the gun's origin. We never did hear back from them so I'm guessing nothing was pulled from it but all in all it was one heck of a catch.

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41. The 'Lake Monster'

When I was a teenager, I was alone on a rowboat in the middle of a small lake, about a mile or two long by no more than 200 yards at its widest. I was mostly just enjoying the day, I dropped a lure into the water expecting nothing, almost as an afterthought. Something big grabbed it though and pulled hard enough for the entire boat to be pulled about 10 feet and turned 180 degrees (force transferred to the boat via my fishing rod and my death grip on it). The line snapped and that was the end of it.

Prior to this, my friend who lived on the lake had told a few other friends and me that one morning waiting for the schoolbus he saw a huge living thing in the lake, he described it as being the size of a car and brown, to the best of my recollection. He refused to swim in the lake from then on. He wore mild prescription glasses and of course due to this we teased him mercilessly about seeing the 'lake monster'. But man... whatever took my lure that day was big. I like to think it was just a huge carp but I dunno.

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40. Ancient Alaskan

I fish in the Copper River up in Alaska and found the oldest human remains ever found in Alaska. It was about 25% of the skull. We turned it over to the troopers who sent it off for testing. The test showed it was around 2000 years old.

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39. Santa Rescue In The Sea

I was fishing with my Dad off the coast of Mallorca in Spain when I was about 15. It was really warm and we weren't catching anything much, so we got some snorkels and went for a swim around to see if we could see anything interesting, (it was only about 20 feet deep).

Around these cave-like rocks, I spotted what looked like a corpse. I started trying to dive down, but I'm not a super strong swimmer so every time I got to about 10 feet away from it I had to come back up for air. Eventually, my Dad got to it and discovered it was a slimy life-size plastic Santa. I'm glad I was in the sea because I'm pretty sure I peed my pants. My Dad thought it was hilarious.

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38. An Explosive Find

We were fishing down in Southern Maryland and what is called the "Target Ships" in the Chesapeake Bay. The ships are old navy vessels that have been set on concrete pillars so they remain above water. The military uses them for radar testing and test bombing runs.

Suddenly, my rod became very heavy. The officer stopped his inspection and said "Go ahead son, reel it up. Let's see what you got". I pulled it in and it turned out to be an unexploded test explosive. The officer brandished his knife and cut my line. He then ordered my dad to just throttle the boat and get away as fast as he can. Needless to say, it did NOT detonate when it hit the bottom of the bay. I know its hard to believe this story without proof, but we were unable to get a picture of it. We tried, but the coast guard officer was adamant about us getting the heck out of there as quick as possible.

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37. Deadly Catch

This happened the first time I went fishing with my dad and brother. A nice guy on the opposite end of the pier came over and gave us a hand setting up as well as some tips on casting off etc before leaving us to it. After a while, my brother realized he had a bite and reeled it in. He pulled up a really ugly looking fish and was about to grab it off the line when the guy who had been helping us previously shouted "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!" He came over and explained to us that it was a Lesser Weever. He just cut the line and kicked it back alive before explaining that you can't kill them in case they wash up on the beach.


36. Tough Catfish

A few years back I went catfishing at a river not far from my house. I was fishing for shad on an egg sinker a few feet deep when I got a very weak hit. I set the hook and started reeling in and whatever was on the other end was heavy, but not at all. I saw the tail rise out of the water a few times, so I knew it was a fish, but the thing just kept flaccid. When I landed it I found out just how tough catfish are. Someone had caught this fish before, cut off the filets and released it back into the river. This fish had been stripped of all muscle but was fully healed, still swimming and even hunting. I put it out of its misery, but that poor fish was tough as nails.


35. Nature In Action

I guess it was more the experience that was weird, but I caught a small walleye and was actually lifting it out of the water when a HUGE northern pike jumped in out of the blue, engulfed the walleye, and dove back into the lake. When we looked inside it later there was a pristine fully intact walleye sitting in its belly! Awesome experience.



34. Fishing Without A Permit

My brother and I were fishing in a lake last year and we pulled a hat with a fishing license on it out of the water. It was an out of state license but it had the guy's name and location. We used Facebook to message him and gave him his slimy drenched hat back.


33. Dogs Of The Deep

One time when I was about 7 or 8, at around dusk when it was getting hard to see, I was fishing with my dad from a rowboat. I had caught something and reached over the side of the boat to pull in what I expected to be another pan fish. However, what I grabbed was slimy and had arms and hands!! I dropped it in the boat and yelled for dad to take a look. He laughed. It was a mud puppy. I had never seen one in my home town's lake before but he obviously had.


32. The Captured Fish

I was fishing with my dad and he reeled in a fish, except there was another fish right next to it. It seemed weird, and when he pulled his catch up onto the dock, the bonus fish landed on the dock too. Well as we figured out, fish number 1 had taken someone's bait, but the line must have broken off. He then proceeded to spit out the hook with some bait still on it, while a bunch of line was still lodged in his stomach. Fish #2 then decided to eat the bait trailing from fish #1's butt. Must have just happened too or else they both would have probably been dead. No one believes him when he tells the story.


31. A Horrific Discovery

This is not my story, but a friends. He was fishing a lake for bass that often had Mexican migrants fishing and drinking around it as well. He thought he had snagged a log one day and was pulling it in to get his lure back. It wasn't a log though but the corpse of a migrant and his jig was hooked into the flesh of his stomach where it had latched into.


30. A Chilling Catch

I know a guy that pulled out the corpse of an old lady from a reservoir. The cops speculated that she had wandered out of her house in the winter and made her way out to the reservoir where she eventually fell through the ice and died. When the ice melted and my buddy started fishing there, he just happened to hook onto her body. I can't imagine that though, thinking you have a big fish before reeling in an old lady.


29. A Rare Sight

When I was a little kid I went on a chartered sea-fishing trip in Wales. There were a dozen or so people on the trip, and the guy running things was kind of a jerk. He yelled a lot and wasn't very patient. I'd already gotten some tackle caught in someone else's line, so he begrudgingly came over to me when I was later struggling with my fishing rod. He rolled his eyes, took it off me and set about getting me "out from under a rock." He then reeled in a 12lb pollock that was half my size. The rest of the boat fixed their rods and came over, told me they call those 'Grunters' and that you rarely ever see one.



28. Alligator Fish?

When fishing, I thought my hook had gotten caught up on a log, but the log rose up and it was a 42" musky! I was terrified and said to the other guy in the canoe, "I caught an alligator!" The thing dragged the canoe around for a half hour before we got it up. The 3.5' fish thrashed around in the canoe until it broke the line and literally jumped out of the boat. It was the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had fishing.


27. Man Overboard

While fishing with friends during the night, we spotted something floating in the water. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a corpse. We managed to pull it aboard by hooking a rope around the upper torso and arms. We radioed the Coast Guard. It turned out that the body was a US Navy sailor who was lost overboard in a stormy training exercise sometime before (I am unsure how long the body was in the water. This happened a while back).

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26. Leviathan Of The Deep

As a child I went fishing off of a pier in Florida. A woman in her 40's was reeling in something huge! As it got closer to the water, she needed three men to hold onto the pole with her. It was a mantaray, and it's wingspan was easily 15-20 feet across. A real seamonster!

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25. A Near Priceless Find

My parents and three siblings were fishing at Castaic Lake about 15 years ago and my older brother, who was probably 10 at the time, was skipping rocks while he was waiting for a catch. He picked up this one off looking rock and ran over to my dad to show him. Turns out that it wasn't a rock at all, but a fossilized baby megalodon tooth from millions of years ago. Needless to say, we kept it.


24. A Not-So-Friendly Turtle

While fishing, I grabbed pliers from my tackle box and wrapped the line around it a bunch of times and then started pulling my catch up. It was something heavy, but I figured it was a downed tree limb or something. When it made it to shore, it was a huge alligator snapping turtle. I pulled the line so as to flip it on its back and stretch its neck out. Then I stepped down with my boot and unhooked my expensive fishing lure out of its mouth before running away as fast as I could.


23. Tragic Waters

This didn't happen to me but rather to a family friend. In the 60's, he and a few friends of his spent an entire weekend out fishing without barely catching anything worth mentioning before all of a sudden one of them felt a huge bite. He started pulling and slowly, out of the water, emerged a human hand, followed by an arm, then a shoulder and finally an entire body! Totally true--someone had taken their own life. When the Guardaí arrived (Irish police), they searched the body and in his jacket pocket found 1000 pounds. Back then, this was the equivalent of 50k. Needless to say, my family friend was ticked he hadn't searched the body first himself!


22. A Tasty Catch

This happened when I was a kid fishing in the local man-made lake in Texas. My line floated towards the wooden ledge at water's edge and a little crawfish or crawdad tried to snake my worm! I had no idea that type of creature would be around there.


21. Pelican Wrestling

I'll never forget about accidentally hooking a pelican when fishing off a pier. My brother and I were fishing and my father was sitting back about 50ft or so watching us. I caught the pelican near its wing when I went back to cast. Now, the pelican ended up being fine. But it was funny watching my father wrestle that thing to get the hook out.


20. Fishermen Almost Become The Prey

I went with a buddy and his family on vacation down to Florida a couple years back. His dad is big on making crab cakes and all that so we went out and bought all the gear for going crabbing in the Everglades. On our way into our spot, I had seen a small alligator (maybe 3ft/1 meter) and immediately started joking about how I wanted to catch a gator. While catching crabs, I felt a little tug on the end of my rope. I didn't think anything about it and told my buddy to grab the net because I had one on the line. Around the time he turned around with the net, a 7-8 foot gator came straight up out of the water with my rope hanging out of its mouth! Long story short, it put a stop to our crabbing in that area.


19. A Rare Fish Sighting

One evening I was fishing at our riverfront property, and I'm not sure why but I left my pole in the water while I went inside for lunch. When I came back out, it was stuck in between some rocks in shallow water. I walked out and grabbed the pole and it started to fight back. When I reeled it in I found a 14" or so alligator gar. I had never seen one before and had no idea what sort of prehistoric beast I had caught. It's pretty amazing that the thing didn't break my line with its gnarly teeth.


18. An Unexpected Catch

Years ago a few friends and I were fishing a river in between two different lakes called Burleigh Falls in Ontario. We weren't having much luck until we noticed what seemed to be like a feeding frenzy near the water surface about 30 feet away. I snagged something. It was HEAVY and I pulled at it as much as I could.

After a full two minutes of reeling this thing in, a scuba diver popped up beside the boat and asked if 'this belonged to one of us' and pointed at the lure hooked on his gear. We were more than a little freaked out by the situation and everyone had a good laugh about it but it wasn't until after that we realized how it could have ended much differently if we decided to start the engine. It's certainly the biggest thing I ever caught.


17. A Long Way From Home

Much of my mum's side of the family as well as my dad worked on a trawler off the north-east coast of Scotland. The weirdest story I can remember at the moment is when they caught some kind of tropical fish from south of the equator. How it got to these much colder waters on the other side of the planet without passing away en route is a mystery. They put it back in after they had identified it.


16. A Beefy Snag

I was fishing with my father on a river North of Seattle back in the 80s. I had cast out across the flow of the river and was doing a slow retrieve looking for trout. I snagged onto something that I thought was a log, but then it started slowly pulling on my rod. I was able to make some headway (no pun intended) on retrieving it, but as it got near the bank of the river I could see that I had a fully-grown cows head that had been floating down the river.


15. A Substance Haul

When I was eight, I reeled in a small duffle bag full of soaking wet bricks of substances. Weird thing is, it turned out to not be the first time that this had happened in my town. My dad took it the moment I pulled it onshore and threw it in his truck. I didn't realize what had happened until I was a bit older.


14. Poor Bambi

I was fishing on the Smith River near the California/Oregon border. Around mid-day, I was fishing in a deep hole when I snagged something. I thought I snagged a log. I decided to pull real hard and snapped my line. It was a deer corpse. It must have been stuck on something under water because it was all bloated and clearly full of gas. The smell made me want to cut off my nose.


13. Skull And Bones

My brother and I were fishing on the shore and I snagged my line. As I'm trying to yank it free, he got his snagged in what looked like the same spot too. So, ingeniously, we both began to pull. Well, something came loose and, as luck would have it, a yellowish-green (stained by the filthy belly of the sea) human skull (and most of a spine) comes out of the water and knocked me to the ground. It was just the skeleton without fleshy bits. I haven't gone fishing since.


12. What Have I Caught?

Living in Alaska I'd expect more strange stuff - but not really: as I was dragging it up, I saw what looks like a giant mass of kelp on my hook. I know I wasn't dragging on the bottom, so I figured I just came across a kelp farm. It was a wolf eel instead. It had two large, protruding teeth in the lower jaw. I even stopped a State Trooper and fishing and game official because I had NO CLUE what I had just pulled out of the water. They told me it was a wolf eel and to go ahead and throw it back if I wasn't going to eat it. By far the weirdest I've seen.


11. Mission Accomplished

I was deep sea fishing with my family when we were on vacation. Before we left I had said that I wanted to catch the ugliest fish in the ocean. Our captain took us out on the water and handed me the rod that he had cast out. I reeled it in and pulled up an oyster toadfish. He looked at me while I was reeling it in and said: "That has got to be the ugliest fish in the ocean." I considered it a successful trip.


10. Feel The Electricity

Fisherman here, recreational and also fished commercially when I was younger. Lots of creepy things have happened out there but I'll just share a couple for now.

First one was the time we got caught in some sort of electrical storm, back when I was working on an inshore dragger, out on a dead calm day in a thick, pea-soup fog. I'm out working on deck and all of a sudden the air just starts to feel... off. I don't really know how to describe it exactly... just like, the air had a "sensation" to it, and I actually start to hear a faint buzzing in my ear.

At the same time I'm becoming aware of this, the captain comes out from the wheelhouse laughing. I look over and the hair on his head is standing on end, like if someone just rubbed a balloon all over his head. He points at me and I realize my hair is standing on end too. We kinda laugh about it for a minute and then it occurs to us that there is probably an imminent lightning strike incoming, and we both take cover back in the wheelhouse. No lightning ever struck though. I guess the front just moved on and things kinda went back to normal after 10 minutes or so and we just went back to work.

The second one is probably the only borderline "paranormal" thing I've ever experienced. Night fishing with my wife and a female friend on a local river and watching a meteor shower, just chilling, drinking, fishing. I decide I want to check out a spot further downriver so I leave them behind and head off into the woods. I'm about 100 yards or so down the path, all alone, just me and the crickets, when I hear a female voice say my name. Loudly, plain as day, like someone was standing a few feet behind me and was trying to get my attention.

I turn around naturally thinking one of the girls followed me into the woods, but nope, no one there. I am not really a huge believer in the supernatural or anything but this absolutely freaked me the heck out. So I just immediately head back, and sure enough, they're still hanging out on the river bank watching the meteor shower. There is absolutely no way I could have heard them that clearly from that far away.

I told them what happened and they still to this day think I was just messing with them and trying to scare them. But I'm telling you, I still get the willies thinking about it and in fact have never been back to that spot since.

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9. John Doe

This happened to my dad who is a commercial fisherman. A few years back, they were out on a typical trip and saw something floating in the water a little bit away. They went to investigate and found human remains in a survival suit. They called the Canadian Coast Guard and just circled around it for a few hours until they arrived to investigate. The remains were never identified. It took a while for the crew to stop being nervous afterwards every time they saw something floating in the water.


8. The Insulated Catfish

We once pulled a steel barrel out of a lake. It was fully intact, and the cap was missing. After draining all the water out of it, we heard a loud flopping sound inside. Upon prying the lid off the barrel we discovered a  large catfish inside. The only way we could figure it ended up in there was by swimming through the small opening from the missing cap which was maybe two inches in diameter. It must have done this as a baby and had been trapped in that barrel for years, growing and unable to escape until we set it free.


7. An Innocent Bluegill Catch Goes Awry

When I was a little kid, I caught a small bluegill that was maybe four inches long. As I was reeling it in I saw a shimmer in the water. My Grandpa told me to drop my rod. I, as a nine-year-old, said, "Forget that! I caught a fish!" and kept reeling it in. At some point I noticed my Grandpa was already on top of the picnic table we had our gear on, yelling at his buddy to get me.

Here I am still reeling in my awesome fish. Boy, this little Bluegill is fighting hard to not get caught! My Grandpas buddy slapped the rod out of my hand and pulled me back in time to see the huge snake that had my bluegill in its mouth and somehow had gotten itself hooked as well. You see, an extreme fear of snakes is a family trait. I shudder to think what would have happened if my Grandpa's buddy hadn't come along.


6. The Hunters Become The Hunted

I am a bass fisherman but my fiancée likes to fish for catfish so, one night, I decided to take her night fishing for catfish since she didn’t get to go with me very often on my bass fishing excursions due to work schedules.

Anyway, we’re fishing and have a nice little campfire going and I just start to feel off. I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life and don’t get freaked out too easily about the woods or the night or anything like that. So, I feel off but I ask the fiancée if she’s having a good time and she said that she was but now she’s feeling kinda creeped out.

So we waited for a second and that’s when I noticed that there was not a single sound to be heard. No night birds, no crickets, nothing. I tell the SO it’s time to pack up and to do so quickly but not in a panicked way. She asks why and I said that sometimes when a predator is nearby it will get really quite like that.

We pack up and as we’re about to drive off I hear something large step on a branch and make a loud crack. Anyway, I don’t know what it was but I had seen bear droppings near there a time or two so it could have been that, a coyote, or it could have just been our minds playing tricks on us. Certainly, nothing that I think was supernatural but those kinds of things will definitely make you feel vulnerable.

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5. You're Not The Only One Fishing Here

I was fishing at one of my grandpa's ponds and was having a successful day. I had about 10 smallmouth bass on a stringer, which is a metal piece connected to a rope that you can put through the gills of the fish you catch so they can stay in the water whilst being anchored to the ground.

Well, I threw a line out, looked over at the stringer and it was jerking back and forth tremendously. I walked over, picked up the stringer to see if it was just a strong fish on the stringer trying to swim. It wasn't a fish, it was a water moccasin (venomous cottonmouth snake) biting one of the fish trying to pull it away.

When I pulled the stringer up, I was sitting down on the pond bank with the stringer in between my legs so when I pulled it up the snake was about 6 inches away from my junk. The reason it came so close to me was because the weight of all those fish and the snake forced me to pull it fast and hard.

I quickly jumped up while screaming like a little girl and got my semi-auto 22 rifle and rapidly fired about 5 rounds in the snake's general direction. I actually hit the snake and killed it. That was one of the scariest things ever.

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4. WW2 Anchor

A WW2 mine anchor (or sinker).

While commercial fishing off the coast of Rhode Island in the early 90's, we hauled the net and when we emptied it on deck, a large metal cylinder crashed to the deck. It was about the size of a 50 gallon barrel. It was rusted through in places, and inside I could see coiled thick wire.

We had no idea what it was at the time. We worked around it through the rest of the day, and my dad (the captain) radioed the Coast Guard, as they will come take stuff like that off your boat.

Apparently, the US Coast Guard doesn't mess around when you tell them you have hauled an unidentified metal object. When we got to port, they had evacuated the pier, and the town's fire trucks were parked a few hundred yards away, ready to deal with explosions, etc.

The Coast Guard informed us it was a mine anchor, which was used to tether mines at a specified depth.

During his career, I remember my dad catching the following:

A fiberglass test missile base (about 6' in diameter) that my mom uses as a planter in the yard

Several large anchors

A gas mask

A first baseman's baseball glove

A thin army helmet (perhaps a liner)

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3. Blue Ling Cod

I caught a blue ling cod. I had a smaller fish on the line but saw this slack-jawed many-toothed hunter coming up from the depths behind it. Waited, and sure enough it was hooked. I was a kid, but someone on the dock offered my father $100 for it (in the 80s) and he said no because he was so proud of my catch.

It kills me every time I see someone post a picture of a blue ling cod and commenters lose their minds saying it isn't real.

86982a1f5be3287c353481fb0a33925d-300x225.jpgDonovan Kerr

2. Not The Fish I was Looking For

I got a 3 foot Alligator a couple miles off shore. I had now idea they go that far out. I have seen Alligators in brackish waters, never that far off shore.

gaetano-cessati-123024-unsplash-300x199.jpgPhoto by Gaetano Cessati on Unsplash

1. Snakes Of The Sea

The weirdest thing I've caught is a freshwater eel. I thought I'd somehow managed to catch a snake because it looked serpentine in the water and I didn't know there was such a thing as a freshwater eel. They're a pain because all they do is tangle line. They're good for catfishing, though.