Top 20 Countries for Remote Workers: Where to Live and Work Around the World

Top 20 Countries for Remote Workers: Where to Live and Work Around the World

In today's tech-savvy world, work looks a whole lot different. Instead of being stuck in a boring office, folks are finding new ways to get stuff done in places that make them feel inspired and happy. Working from home isn't just a fad—it's a whole lifestyle that lets you be productive while exploring new things and soaking up different cultures. And if you're lucky enough to choose where you work, some countries totally shine for remote workers, thanks to their great internet, affordable living, and friendly vibes. We've compiled a list of the best countries for remote workers to live/work in... you're welcome.

1. Portugal

Portugal is where it's at for remote work adventures! Picture yourself soaking up the sun in vibrant cities like Lisbon and Porto without breaking the bank. Plus, Portugal rolls out the welcome mat with a special visa just for folks like us, so you can live and work hassle-free. With its sunny vibes, friendly faces, and endless cultural delights, Portugal is the perfect place to set up your desk.

portugal-3029665_1280.jpgImage by Julius Silver from Pixabay

2. Spain

Spain is calling, and it's ready to spice up your work life with its irresistible charm, mouthwatering cuisine, and lightning-fast internet. Dive into the vibrant scenes of Barcelona and Madrid, where coworking spaces are the place to be and expat communities are like one big family. And guess what? Living the dream in Spain won't break the bank, so you can work hard and play even harder without a care in the world!

spain-4522800_1280.jpgImage by Frank Nürnberger from Pixabay

3. Thailand

Picture this: Thailand, where sandy beaches, mouthwatering food, and budget-friendly living make it a dream destination for remote workers. Thailand isn't just about paradise beaches; it's also ramping up its digital game, so you can stay connected even on those remote island visits. And if you're craving some city buzz, Bangkok and Chiang Mai have got you covered with their bustling expat scenes and endless chances to meet new friends and collaborators. Thailand: where work meets wanderlust!

buddha-5410319_1280.jpgImage by Arek Socha from Pixabay

4. Mexico

Let's talk about Mexico—where sunny skies, close ties to the US, and wallet-friendly living make it a paradise for North American remote workers! Whether you're chilling in Mexico City or soaking up the sun in Playa del Carmen, you'll find top-notch internet and plenty of cool coworking spots to get your hustle on. And guess what? The Mexican vibe is all about warmth and hospitality, so settling in feels like one big fiesta!

cancun-1228131_1280.jpgImage by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay


5. Estonia

Estonia is paving the way in the digital world with its cutting-edge e-residency program. This cool feature lets folks from all over the globe kickstart and run their business online, all within the European Union's jurisdiction. And get this—while Estonia's tech game is strong, its landscapes are straight-up serene, blending high-tech vibes with peaceful natural beauty.

estonia-3737128_1280.jpgImage by Makalu from Pixabay

6. Canada

Oh, Canada! With its top-notch quality of life, awesome healthcare, and jaw-dropping scenery, it's a remote worker's paradise—especially if you're an outdoor enthusiast! From the bustling streets of Toronto to the laid-back vibes of Vancouver, you'll find everything you need for work and play, including reliable internet and cool coworking spots. And hey, Canada's friendly immigration policies mean everyone's welcome to join the fun!

architecture-7139263_1280.jpgImage by Miguel Barrera from Pixabay

7. Australia

Australia, where the vibes are chill, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the quality of life is off the charts—talk about a dream spot for remote workers! Whether you're soaking up the sunshine in Sydney or chilling out in Melbourne, you'll find a buzzing tech scene just waiting to connect you with like-minded folks. Sure, the cost of living might be a bit steep, but trust us, the epic work-life balance and all the local goodies totally make it worth it!

sydney-opera-house-354375_1280.jpgImage by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

8. New Zealand

Picture-perfect New Zealand is where work meets adventure against a backdrop of jaw-dropping scenery. Their remote work visa invites digital nomads to stay awhile and soak up the magic. With quality infrastructure and a serious commitment to work-life balance, New Zealand offers the perfect blend of peace and productivity for your next remote work escapade!

beach-583172_1280.jpgImage by holgerheinze0 from Pixabay

9. Germany

Germany is buzzing with excitement for remote workers, thanks to its booming economy, awesome public transit, and endless cultural adventures. Places like Berlin are a total blast, with their artsy vibes and affordable living making them extra enticing. And guess what? Even if you're not from the EU, Germany's got your back with their freelancer visa, making it a totally doable option for living out your remote work dreams!

bridge-5624104_1280.jpgImage by wal_172619 from Pixabay

10. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the ultimate island paradise where digital nomads come to play. With its wallet-friendly living, welcoming locals, and breathtaking views, it's no wonder this place is a total hit. Whether you're chilling in Ubud or riding the waves in Canggu, you'll find awesome coworking spots and expat crews ready to make you feel right at home. 

bali-2975787_1280.jpgImage by Sushuti from Pixabay


11. Japan

Japan is like a futuristic wonderland mixed with serene countryside escapes, giving you the best of both worlds! From the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the laid-back vibes of Osaka, you'll find top-notch tech and all the remote work amenities you need.

tokyo-4436914_1280.jpgImage by Janko Ferlic from Pixabay

12. Iceland

This land of volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs is like nowhere else on Earth, making it a dream come true for nature-loving remote workers. Even in Reykjavik, the pint-sized capital, you'll find a creative melting pot where expats and locals mingle like one big happy family.

girl-4468709_1280.jpgImage by Elena We from Pixabay

13. Italy

From the ancient wonders of Rome to the chic vibes of Milan, you'll get a taste of both the past and the present. Sure, dealing with bureaucracy might feel like tackling a maze, but trust us, the laid-back lifestyle and warm Italian hospitality make it all worth it. So grab a slice of la dolce vita and get ready for an adventure in the land of pasta and gelato

italy-4090933_1280.jpgImage by Udo from Pixabay

14. Vietnam

Whether you're soaking up the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City or getting lost in the charm of Hanoi, you'll find yourself in the heart of culture and commerce. And with the sun shining down and friendly faces all around, blending in and living the digital nomad dream has never been more fun! So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure in the land of pho and motorbikes.

pham-ngu-lao-3989110_1280.jpgImage by Olga Ozik from Pixabay

15. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts a diverse cultural atmosphere and a mature tech ecosystem, particularly in cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Now, sure, living costs might pinch your pennies a bit, but fear not—there's a sea of coworking spots and creative crews waiting to welcome you with open arms.

building-7014904_1280.jpgImage by Pedro Alvarez from Pixabay

16. Costa Rica

Welcome to Costa Rica, where life is all about "Pura Vida"! Picture-perfect natural parks, eco-friendly vibes, and a laid-back atmosphere await you. Need to get some work done? No problemo! With friendly locals, reliable internet, and a chill vibe, you can tackle your to-do list while soaking up the jungle views.

beach-7239311_1280.jpgImage by Jens from Pixabay


17. South Korea

In vibrant cities like Seoul, you'll find yourself immersed in a whirlwind of tradition and innovation, with cool spots to set up your remote office. And guess what? South Korea's got your back with visas tailor-made for freelancers and remote workers, so you can stay and play as long as you like!

seoul-7423593_1280.jpgImage by csk from Pixabay

18. Switzerland

Now, fair warning—it might cost you a pretty penny, but trust us, the safety, top-notch public services, and connectivity are totally worth it. Plus, in cities like Zurich and Geneva, you'll find yourself rubbing elbows with folks from all over the globe, speaking more languages than you can count.

geneva-6977937_1280.jpgImage by 🌼Christel🌼 from Pixabay

19. Greece

Greece, where relaxation, history, and stunning views are always available. From island paradises to mountain retreats, this place has it all. And guess what? Living the dream in Greece won't break the bank, thanks to its affordable cost of living and digital nomad-friendly visa policies. Whether you're soaking up the vibes in Athens or kicking back in Thessaloniki, you'll find the perfect blend of culture and connectivity to make your remote work dreams come true

santorini-416136_1280.jpgImage by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

20. Czech Republic

Picture this: vibrant culture, top-notch infrastructure, and living costs that won't empty your piggy bank. In Prague, history meets modernity, creating a magical setting where work and play collide in the best possible way! And guess what? The Czech Republic's got your back with a long-term business visa tailor-made for freelancers, so you can stay and explore to your heart's content.

charles-bridge-5039256_1280.jpgImage by František Zelinka from Pixabay