Winning a Lifetime Supply: How Long Does It Really Last?

Winning a Lifetime Supply: How Long Does It Really Last?

Have you ever heard of someone winning a “lifetime” supply of something? We’ve all heard the stories, but have you ever wondered what it’s really like to win a lifetime supply of something? How long does it actually last? Redditors who have won a lifetime supply of something, come forth and tell your tales! Share with us how long your lifetime supply lasted and what you won. We’re all ears!

7 Cars for the Price of Chocolate: Dad's Coworker Strikes Gold!

My dad's former coworker had an amazing stroke of luck when he bought a bunch of chocolate bars. If you found the right code inside the wrapper, you could win a prize - and it turns out that 10 of those prizes were 10 Opel Corsas! He bought so many bars that he ended up winning 7 of the cars, plus some other prizes. Where does one even park 7 cars in a big city? I'm not sure what happened to all the chocolate either - I guess it was worth it!


The Unexpected Windfall of Post-It Notes

My father-in-law used to work odd maintenance jobs for wealthy people. One time, he was hired to remodel a dilapidated office. The new owner told him he could take whatever he could fit into his truck. My father-in-law loaded it up with computers, chairs, a desk, and a variety of office supplies. He's been benefiting from his haul ever since and now has an abundance of post-it notes!


Waking Up from a Hangover with Free Big Macs from McDonald's

Ten years ago I stayed up late with a group of friends doing LSD. 5am comes around and we realize we are hungover and hungry. So we decide to drive down the road to the nearest gas station for snacks. When I pull in I see the McDonald's they put in the gas station was open. Go to order and the cashier said “this is our first day open and we are giving out free Big Macs for a year to the first ten customers”. It was so confusing at first, but we managed to be the first customers! So I got a little punchout card for Big Macs and ended up using that shit every day for a couple months until I was sick of McDonald's. Thank you McDonald's for the hangover food!


My Aunt Won a 60 Second Haul at the Grocery Store - You Won't Believe What She Did!

My aunt just won a 60 second haul at our local grocery store, and it was a sight to behold! She had a plan going in there and it was clear she had put some thought into her strategy - she swiped out the entire aisle of coffee and also grabbed dog food, paper towels and TP. Everyone in my family was supplied with coffee for at least a year - which was a huge blessing! It was a hilarious and chaotic experience that we'll never forget.



My Dad's Stubbornness Has Given Me a Lifetime Supply of Schick Razors!

Before I was born, my father won a lifetime supply of free Schick disposable razors. Growing up, I saw them all the time, and even now, 30+ years later, he still has a full box of them in the garage. Unfortunately, the blades are pretty dull, and my dad has always had trouble with nicks and cuts. I've tried to introduce him to better razors that have a more advanced cartridge, but he's too stubborn to make the switch. Despite this, I can always count on my dad to have a razor when I need one!


Winning a Free Car With a Lottery Ticket - The Crazy Story!

I gave my now wife a 2020 Citroën C3 (cactus edition?) that I won with a free lottery ticket. It was only for 10.000km or 1 year and had to be driven with a massive ad on the car, like diamond-patterned pink and purple. Gas was free tho 👍🏼.


My Parents Won a Lifetime Supply of Kool Whip in 1968

My mom and dad had a once-in-a-lifetime experience in 1968 when they won a lifetime supply of Kool Whip on 'Let's Make a Deal'. I was only 4 at the time, so I thought that Kool Whip and Tootsie Rolls were free and plentiful. Around the same time, my dad noticed a truck he was following had smoke coming out the back. He flagged the driver down and helped him put out a small fire smoldering in his cargo, which turned out to be a truckload of Tootsie Rolls. The driver gave my dad all the fire damaged cases, resulting in us having an endless supply. It's no surprise then that I thought both Kool Whip and Tootsie Rolls were like water when I was a kid.


Beware: Time Warner's Business Practices Will Ruin Your Day

I was so thrilled when I got a free multi-room DVR and HBO for life from my cable company. Of course, I should have known better; any little change, even replacing an 8 year old broken router, wiped away my awesome deal and made it “impossible” to add back. I just want to say one thing: Time Warner, you suck!


My Grandpa and Brother Got a Lifetime and Year's Supply of Treats!

My Grandpa was the luckiest one in the family! He won a lifetime supply of Altoids back in the early 2000's, and boy did he have a lot of tins! We all got a few of them, and it was such a treat. My brother was even luckier when the Moe's opened up near him, because he was one of the first 100 customers and he got a year's supply of burritos! He was so excited, he went every day for three weeks and hasn't gone back since. What a lucky guy!


My Dad Won Free Pizza For A Year: The Dream Come True!

My dad won free pizza for a year at a silent auction and it was a dream come true for a kid! We couldn't eat pizza every week so occasionally my dad would ask them to par-bake them and then would freeze them. We'd use them as needed, occasionally getting them fresh when we wanted. We probably ate the pizza every single week for about 6 months straight, but after a while everyone got sick of it. So my dad had them partially bake it, then freeze it and cook it at a later date. Frozen was better than no pizza at all, and with 3 kids in the house it was perfect to have a bunch of pizzas for when we all had friends over. Free pizza is free pizza!



Score 52 Free Smoothies at the New Tropical Smoothie Cafe!

When my husband and I got to the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe location in our neighborhood, we knew we had to get in line quick! We waited three hours before they opened and were rewarded with the 24th and 25th spots in line. Even though the promotion was limited to one free smoothie per week, by the end of the year, we had enjoyed a whopping 52 free smoothies. Talk about a sweet deal!


Free Fries for a Year! My Experience Waiting in Line for McDonalds Grand Opening

I once waited out a McDonalds for the grand opening. It was a long wait, but the reward was worth it! The first 100 people got free fries for the year - and I was lucky enough to be third in line! We received a box containing 365 coupons for free medium fries - and we gave away over 200 of them. It was around 13-14 years ago, and I still remember it like it was yesterday!


Winning a Year Supply of Chipotle Entrees and Sharing the Wealth

I won a “year supply” of Chipotle entrees once and gave away a lot to friends, family, and the occasional homeless guy. I told everyone to add guac and double meat and make the most of it. I did keep one as a memento, which I still think I should frame.


Winning a Year's Worth of Free Chicken from a Lebanese Shop - A Great Deal!

I won a years worth of free chicken from a Lebanese chicken shop! I was drooling with the thought of having unlimited chicken for the next twelve months, especially when it's covered in enough garlic dip to make even Dracula avoid me. But after reading the fine print I came to know that it was only $20 a week for 52 weeks. And anyone can easily spend $30-40 on one sitting! Now that's a great deal!


The Programmer Who Cheated His Way to a Video Camera

My dad was a programmer, so he wrote a program which played cards on teletext. If it was about to lose because of bad cards, it would quit the channel and log in again automatically. After some weeks of playing day and night, he had won several TV sets, video cameras, cruises, and more. Eventually, the organizer of the game locked my father out - which was illegal. So he sued the company and reached an agreement: they paid him an amount of about 10k, and he never played again. Instead of a lifetime supply of beer, he got a lot of stuff and this is why I, as a teenager, had my own video camera.


Winning a Year's Worth of Movies with 7-11 and Cineplex

I won an amazing prize from 7-11 when they ran a McDs monopoly style contest back in the early 2010s. They were so generous and sent me $1300 in gift cards for Cineplex. It was an amazing opportunity for me and my partner to go to the movies once a week for 3 years! Even though there weren't 50 movies a year I wanted to see in a theatre, I was still able to get the most out of the gift cards with points cards and club memberships.



Winning a Year of Free Indian Food at Choolaah

I won a year of free Choolaah! It was a fast-casual Indian restaurant that gave a year of free food to the first 100 customers at any location. I saw that the line was short on the way to work, so I called everyone in the office and we got in line. We had all our business meetings at Choolaah for a year, with the company paying for meals when people ran out of coupons, didn't have them, or when we hired anyone new. The food was perfect for everyone because there was something on the menu for everyone, whether they were vegan, paleo, gluten free, or any combination. We still use them for company catering because everyone loves the options!


My Mum's Unbelievable Lucky Raffle Win!

My mum won an outrageous amount of Surf Washing Powder in a raffle competition. She didn't have enough room to keep it all, so she decided to sell 60 boxes at £10 each and split the rest with family. On top of that, there were also a bunch of washing liquids and other items from the rest of their range - one of each type! Talk about luck!


Unforgettable Experience: My Parents' Lifetime Supply of Ice Cream Sandwiches and Popcorn

My parents did something twice in a relatively short period of time. The first was at a fair when I was in high school. They advertised it as a lifetime supply of ice cream sandwiches. We ended up getting 100 boxes all at once and my mom was only able to collect at the end of the day. We got home and had about 60 left after giving away as much as possible and throwing out what didn't fit in our freezer. I was told to eat as much as I wanted and I went through 60 boxes in couple months. The second was when they bought an expensive microwave about a year later and won a 5 year supply of microwave popcorn. We got a huge box with like 200 packages and I was told to eat as much as I wanted. After living in a house that smelled like popcorn for a few weeks, my parents just threw the rest in the garbage. This was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget!


Winning a Lifetime Supply of Mini Chocolate Milk Cartons

I never expected to win a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons, but that's exactly what happened on Milk Day at school back in 2007. When I opened up a carton of milk and it mooed at me, I knew I had to call the number on it and report that I had mooing milk. To this day, I'm still getting milk shipped to me, and my fiancé drinks it since I've grown to hate milk - what a great surprise that was!


Winning a Year of Non-Perishable Food: An Incredible Experience!

We were lucky enough to win a year's worth of non-perishable food! Every month, two or three massive boxes filled with all sorts of goodies arrived on our doorstep. It lasted for nine magical months until something changed behind the scenes. A few months after the year was up, the company got back in touch and told us we still had three months' worth of credit. We told them to "surprise us" and surprise us they did! Years later, we've still got some of the food left - it was a truly incredible experience!


My Mom is the Last One Standing on a 'Tires for Life' Promotion

My mother bought a Toyota Yaris years ago and the dealership was running a 'Tires for Life' promotion. She gets free tires whenever she needs them, but the deal won't transfer if she sells the title. She's been getting her maintenance done at the same dealership ever since, and it turns out she's the only one left on the promo! She can't believe she's the last one standing and she always gets a good laugh out of it every time she goes in for her free tire replacements.



Free Subway Sandwiches: A Story of Misadventure

I once worked a job that had me purchase Subway sandwiches for mobile working crews and let me keep the tickets, when you could fill the card up for free sandwiches. All the tickets were numbered and purchases valid. After 2 years I had enough tickets and receipts to redeem multiple sandwiches daily for at least 6 months if I wanted, and still accruing more. I started filling the cards and giving them to friends to eat a free lunch.Within one month, my friends and I were banned from every subway in a 5 mile radius in Los Angeles. They put our pictures up on the wall and refused to honor the stamps, no matter who brought them in. Inside of another 2 years, Subway corporate cancelled the stamps altogether and no one would accept them. I couldn't even give them away to a food bank or the homeless to get a free sandwich. Thanks Subway.


Win a Lifetime Supply of M&Ms by Finding the White One

My mom almost ate the white m&m that they promoted like 25 years ago - if you find it, send it in, you get a lifetime supply of m&ms. They sent us a voucher pack, that almost no store would take, but still managed to make it though the lifetime supply in about 1 month (granted there was 8 siblings). Prob for the best tho - with a bonus dose of humor!


College Buddy Wins Lifetime Supply of Razors

My college buddy was the luckiest guy ever! He won a lifetime supply of Gillette razors and they just sent him a huge crate full of Mach 3 razors and refill cartridges. He's got enough razors to last him a lifetime, and then some! Who knows, maybe he'll even pass them down to the next generation!


The Choccy Milk That Got Away: A Story of a Lifetime Supply I Never Received

When I was in elementary school, I had the option to choose a lifetime supply of chocolate milk or a cruise vacation. My parents chose the cruise vacation when I wanted to choose the choccy milk instead. They ended up going without me which hurt my feelings. But now I'm financially free and I travel every month, and whenever they ask me to bring them along, I always bring up the choccy milk. My school had a milk program where every lunch I would get a small carton of chocolate milk and there was a prize if your milk carton moo'd when opening it.


Life's a Bummer: I Won a Lifetime Supply of Oreos

I won a lifetime supply of Oreos. It was actually just one pallet full of Oreos. Probably would last a normal person their whole life. It was like 1000lbs of Oreos. I gave away so many Oreos! Having a party? I'll bring a bunch of Oreos. Break room needs snacks? Oreos. I ended up donating like 400lbs of Oreos to a shelter, just to get them out of my garage. Just for kicks I called to inquire if lifetime meant my lifetime, and that I had finished off the pallet. They said the pallet would last a reasonable person their whole life. So... That was a bummer. But I think that's typically how those things work.


Winning a Lifetime Supply of Batteries - What I Learned About Time Management

I won a life time supply of AA and AAA batteries from a major Canadian tech retailer about 20 years ago. Even getting the batteries isn't worth the time. I have to get them to type in my name in their system and there's a note by my name indicated that I get free batteries because I won a contest 20 years ago. And then they run and get their manager to look at it, because that looks suspicious. And then the manager looks at it and then asks me questions and then they finally relent and give me my free batteries. But it's still not worth the time because I have a lifetime supply of batteries - and there's really not that much I use batteries for!


My Incredible Journey with a Lifetime Supply of Plastic Models

Back in 1977 when I was 13 years old, I won a contest for a lifetime supply of models from Revell. A semi truck pulled up to our house in a very quiet suburban neighborhood and proceeded to unload 4 pallets of plastic models in the driveway. There was so much fun to be had as I explored the hundreds of models they had provided; it was like a treasure trove of plastic models! My father was an absolute lifesaver as he helped me find a local hobby store to buy the rest of the models at a great price. The money he got from the sale went into US Savings Bonds for me, which I cashed out many years later to use for a down payment on my first car. It was a great adventure that I'll never forget!


Winning the Grocery Store Lottery - Free Groceries for Life!

I won the jackpot at my local grocery store! They give me a digital $100 gift card every month for "life", which is a great way to keep my fridge full. My grocery bill has been taken care of for the next $10,000, and I'm over halfway there! It's like winning the lottery every month, and I'm so excited to see how many groceries I can get for free!


My Uncle's Sweet Dream - Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream For Life!

My Uncle is living the dream - he gets free Ben & Jerry's ice cream for life! He's been friends with the actual Ben and Jerry since before they opened the first shop. He has a card that says 'free ice cream for life' and he can get pints or cones at any scoop shop (at least locally). He also gets decks of free pint coupons that he can use at grocery stores and gas stations. When Unilever bought them out, they tried to buy back all the 'free Ice Cream for life cards'. But my uncle was one of the few that chose to keep the card and keep living the dream!


Incredible Experience with Kids at Pizza Buffet

I had the most amazing experience with my kids at a pizza buffet place recently. We had a free kids meal coupon for good grades, and when the cashier made a mistake and charged us for the meals, the manager stepped in and gave us an entire stack (of around 50) of unused coupons that were attached together like a checkbook! We were able to enjoy free kids meals until our kids were too old to use them anymore - it was an incredible experience!


Lucky to Get Lifetime VPN Membership Thanks to StackSocial

I was so lucky to acquire a "lifetime" membership to PureVPN. After only 5 years, I was shocked when they told me that I had only purchased a 5 year plan. I showed them the receipt, but they still wouldn't budge. Thankfully, I purchased the membership through StackSocial, so when I reported the issue to them, they hooked me up with an entirely different lifetime VPN provider. Now I never have to worry about paying monthly for something I don't use often!


Lifetime of Love: How Reader's Digest Brought My Grandparents Together

My grandparents were gifted a lifetime subscription to Reader's Digest as a wedding gift. They were offered that, or some other magazine that went out of business a decade later so they made the right call. Being a frugal family, that subscription was utilized fully. After grandma & grandpa were done with each issue, it would be passed along to siblings and their kids with this little round robin thing they did (sharing photos and updates of what everyone was up to, passed along in a manilla envelope and when it came back to you, you remove your items and put new ones in). They had been together for 62 years when grandpa died, but RD honored the subscription an extra decade until Grandma passed. I forgot how much was paid for it, but I'm certain the gifter got their money's worth.


Winning a Lifetime of Free Oil Changes: The Unexpected Catch

I was ecstatic when I won a lifetime of free oil changes for my car. It was during a sale at the dealership that I had to take a photo with my pet for a chance to win. I was so excited when I found out I had won and I couldn't believe my luck! Little did I know, the lifetime oil changes only applied to the car I had at the time and couldn't be transferred to another vehicle. So when my dad took over my car loan, we were disappointed to find out that the lifetime of free oil changes only lasted two changes. What a bummer!


The Bicycle Store That Lost A Customer With Its New Policy

When I bought my bicycle, the shop policy was that any new bike purchased included free tune-ups for life. Personally, I thought this was a great business move, because it got me back in the store regularly to redeem my tune-ups, kept my bike running smoothly which kept me as an active cyclist (active cyclist = active customer), and I also would regularly buy parts/service beyond the tune-up when I was there. Unfortunately, when the shop changed owners, they discontinued the tune-ups, even for people like me who had purchased their bike under these terms. I don't go there anymore and I'm not a fan of the new policy.


The Best Consolation Prize: A Lifetime Supply of Dinty Moore Beef Stew

As a consolation prize for losing on a TV game show, I was given a popcorn popper, a little girl's bicycle, and a lifetime supply of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. After giving the popcorn popper as a Christmas present and selling the bicycle, I tried the first can of beef stew and realized that the other 11 cans would indeed last me a lifetime. With a little extra humor added, I had the best consolation prize a person could ask for!


The Last Party: A Wet T-Shirt Contest Gone Wrong

It was the late '90s, and a local bar was running a wet t-shirt contest with a grand prize of a lifetime of free bar drinks and cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. The result was a packed bar, tons of girls entering, and tons of guys spending money. In the end, my friend's girlfriend (now his wife) won first place and was ecstatic! But little did they know that the owners of the bar knew the building was going to be condemned, and they were just throwing one last party. The building was torn down within a couple of weeks.


My Dad Scammed Me Out Of Free Pizza Coupons

When I was a kid 30 years ago, my dad had a massive stack of little business cards which promised a free large pizza from Dominos. My dad said we had to be careful using them, so we would only use them occasionally. I remember my dad sometimes making me order the pizza, and answer the door to get the free pizza, even though I was only like 9. Looking back, I'm pretty sure my dad didn't win those cards. He worked for a commercial printing company and was not exactly an upstanding citizen.


The Best Thing Ever: Free Massages for Life

I won free full body massages for life, which basically just translated to 2 massages a week. It was really good! I got addicted. I knew everyone who worked there and I got to experiment with all of them to see which were the best. Ended up fluctuating between 3 different staff towards the end. They would even train new staff on me for free because I spent so much time over there. Those training massages never cost me anything either or counted towards my 2 free massage a week limit. When the place closed down, I realized just how expensive massages are and I haven't had one in ages. I miss it so bad!